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Several of Burt's past clients-- banker/CEO, entrepreneur, corporate executive and consultant. -- tell you in their own words the impact that coaching has had on their lives.

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What Is Coaching?
Coaching is a mode or style of personal support and service offered by Burt Woolf that helps people unleash their full potential. Coaching is typically provided one-on-one -- client and coach "meet" by telephone or in person with some frequency that both agree upon.

Who We Coach?
Our coaching clients come from all backgrounds and professions: entrepreneurs, corporate executives, artists, consultants, public sector officials. etc. Since the coaching can be done over the phone, our clients can (and do) live anywhere in the country. In fact, many of our clients have often called in to get their coaching while "on the road".

Why be Coached?
For the most part, our clients want a coaching relationship for a specific reason, such as:
- Turbulent circumstances in their life...
- A career or personal transition is taking place...
- Something is "missing" but they aren't sure what?
- Can't seem to reach the goals they hoped for
- Feeling over-stressed or under-challenged at work
- Not as focused as they'd like to be
- Life seems filled with struggle and effort

Sometimes, our coaching clients come to us simply to benefit from support that their colleagues, friends and spouses can't otherwise seem to provide.

Whatever the reason, all of our coaching clients want -- and get -- the same result: to confront and dissolve the barriers that keep them from being in the flow of a fulfilled personal and professional life.

What else comes with the coaching?

We regularly search current business, management and personal development literature for helpful articles and studies on issues facing our clients. We pass this information on to you at no extra charge. Also, as a former member of the International Coach Federation, we are in close touch with the premier network of coaches around the world. If you have a particular or unique problem, we can get you connected with a specialist coach.

Getting Started
It's not only easy to find out if coaching is for you -- in learning more about it, you actually get coached for free! Here's how it works:

Give us a call. We'll schedule a half hour coaching call for you with Burt Woolf. On the house. Use the half hour call with Burt to get coached in any aspect of your life (namely the reason you want coaching).

By the end of the call, through the actual experience of being coached, you'll know whether coaching is for you, and whether Burt is the right coach (yes, 30 minutes is actually all you need). If you like the idea of coaching but want to "interview" other coaches before proceeding, Burt will refer you to a variety of other coaching resources. No problem.

So give us a call or send us an email right away. That's all there is to it. At worst, you'll get some free coaching on an aspect of your life you want to work on. At best, you'll start a rewarding coaching relationship that will help you fulfill your highest personal potential!